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Many of our trainers, educators and trainers who participate in our course program talk about the following situation: .... We have an existing portfolio of classroom training courses, but due to the current situation and cost pressures, we are being asked to convert existing courses to digital content. But how should we approach such a project? No one had an answer! The development of this course program was a collaborative effort among education experts. A practical guide to converting learning content with state-of-the-art technology.

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The challenge
Going digital

We talk about flow in many different contexts today, be it in sports, industry, sales, management or simply in everyday life. Most of the time we talk about flow when something is not working. We have dedicated our business to optimizing flow. Whether it is the onboarding process, the transfer of competencies from experienced employees to the younger generation, processes in everyday work, the reorientation of your team and applications in the educational field. Our everyday life is becoming more and more digital, this is not better or worse! No it is simply different.

Our experience

We provide turnkey solutions for companies and schools, accompanying our customers from the beginning. We have always noticed one thing. When the learning platform was ready for use, there was a time gap in the implementation of the content, from presence to blended learning / eLearning. This gap developed because the trainers/lecturers struggled to tackle the project. The content of the course program focuses on the practical aspect and the approach to transform didactic content. The course modules are independent of the technical training of the platform chosen. We recommend you to train your trainers before or in parallel with the implementation of your LMS project.



The first few months are a critical time for new employees. Even in the first few weeks, it is decided if an employee feels comfortable in the company and can identify with the job, if he or she is committed to the goals of the department and the company, and if he or she will continue to work for the company on a long-term base...

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Train the trainer

The training of the employees during the introduction of a new software or a new product, has an effect on the efficiency and reduction of the sources of error. This has a significant impact on the quality control. With high-quality training, you increase efficiency by an average of 23.8% according to Seco...

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Coassemble LMS

The partnership with Coassemble is a dream for us, besides the creative exchange, the mutual helpfulness and our common philisophy, especially the points service, reliability, future-oriented and the intuitive use of the LMS, are unbeatable arguments...


Single-user solution

We have had many requests from freelancers in the education sector or HR managers in SMB. Their interest in a solution for individuals to create,share internally, promote or offer for sale their courses. Talk to us, about your ne…needs. We will be happy to find your solution…

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