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Optimize your onboarding

Searching for new staff consumes time and money. With a few simple optimizations in onboarding, you can reduce the costs of hiring new colleagues and increase employee satisfaction.

Professional onboarding saves time, nerves - and ultimately money One in four employment relationships ends within the first year of employment. This means costs, because not only does the recruitment process cost money, but so does onboarding and the loss of productivity in the interim. Once the search for employees has been successfully completed, it is important to prevent freshly hired colleagues from jumping ship again.

Professional onboarding with flow-4u increases employee satisfaction and prevents unwanted employee turnover. This not only reduces costs, but also raises your employer profile in the medium term.

Employers are publicly rated Because, whether you like it or not: as an employer, at least some of your processes related to recruiting and onboarding become visible to applicants in times of rating portals like Kununu and business networks like Xing or LinkedIn.

This also applies to other aspects of your corporate culture (such as supervisor behavior) as well as employee benefits ("perks" such as fitness offerings. It's better not to end up with your company in employer rating horror galleries. Employer branding today is a calling card, of their organization Meet the expectations of their new employees All new employees come with a certain expectation, and rightfully so. A minimum expectation is to be provided with a functioning workplace that allows productive work - starting on day one. Most also expect to be welcomed and/or introduced to the team, and to be trained by a competent colleague.

If then ...

  • no one in the department even knows that there is a new colleague at all,

  • the managers remain completely invisible on the first day,

  • welcoming and induction are spontaneously left to an trainee,

  • the new colleague cannot find the cafeteria at lunchtime,

  • Access data, ID cards and/or keys are not readily available, and

  • tools of communication such as telephone, e-mail and Internet do not work,

... this will not make the person in question very happy.

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