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We empower you to be a hero in the workplace by enabling you to deliver truly engaging training experiences to your employees. We transform you into a hero as HR partner by reducing new employee fluctuation. We enable you to be a hero as a trainer by providing a platform for you to be the author, trainer and marketeer of your own courses.

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About flow-4u

We talk about flow in many different contexts today, be it in sports, industry, sales, management or simply in everyday life. Most of the time we talk about flow when something is not working. We have dedicated our business to optimizing flow. Whether it is the onboarding process, the transfer of competencies from experienced employees to the younger generation, processes in everyday work, the reorientation of your team and applications in the educational field. Our everyday life is becoming more and more digital, this is not better or worse! No it is simply different.



We offer customized solutions for any organization, company size in daily business applications. It is important to us that the ROI for your business solution is easy to understand and that the added value of your daily work/education is sustainable. Besides the classic training solutions, we have developed some ideas and applications. These are practice-oriented and focused on your daily business and solutions in the areas of industrial production, sales, support, human resources, product training, gastronomy. Feel you free to contact us.



The first few months are a critical time for new employees. Even in the first few weeks, it is decided if an employee feels comfortable in the company and can identify with the job, if he or she is committed to the goals of the department and the company, and if he or she will continue to work for the company on a long-term base...

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Train the trainer

The training of the employees during the introduction of a new software or a new product, has an effect on the efficiency and reduction of the sources of error. This has a significant impact on the quality control. With high-quality training, you increase efficiency by an average of 23.8% according to Seco...


Coassemble LMS

The partnership with Coassemble is a dream for us, besides the creative exchange, the mutual helpfulness and our common philisophy, especially the points service, reliability, future-oriented and the intuitive use of the LMS, are unbeatable arguments...


Single-user solution

We have had many requests from freelancers in the education sector or HR managers in SMB. Their interest in a solution for individuals to create,share internally, promote or offer for sale their courses. Talk to us, about your ne…needs. We will be happy to find your solution…

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Digital training by professionals for professionals

We empower you to be a hero in the workplace by enabling you to deliver truly engaging training experiences to your employees. We turn you into a hero as an HR partner by reducing new employee turnover. We transform you into a hero as a trainer by providing you with a platform to be the author, trainer and marketeer of your own courses.

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These organizations/partners

The following organizations and partners rely on our joint cooperation.




Center for Continuing Education




Turnkey projects education  We deliver the technology with our partner Coassemble, accompany you in the process of introducing digital education. Train your trainers / lecturers for the successful transformation into blended learning / eLearning. A practical guide not just theory.

Turnkey projects

We would be happy to design with you, a living further education, for your employees according to your specifications.
We are happy to meet the heroes of their team, who participate in the role of ambassador, specialist, colleague, facilitator, creator.

Tailor-made training

Our network of qualified trainers and the cooperation with the technical high school esg offers  offers innovative advanced training in blended learning format for private individuals and companies in Biel on various subject areas. Come to one of the information events.

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Please book a personal consultation with us. This consultation includes some questions about the needs in your organization/company. We stand by our values of transparency, clarity, creativity and appreciation. You are welcome. Our exchange of information will be treated absolutely confidential.


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